The Philosophy Department at the Hebrew University offers a dynamic program, offering high-level seminars and researches of international reputation.

Students come to the department with a broad range of interests and aspirations and from all walks of life and departments for an education in the humanities, which greatly contribute to their personal and professional development.

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B.A. Program

The aim of the first year of the BA program is to give students the main resources needed for doing philosophy, and to familiarize them with central areas and traditions in philosophy. The introductory courses in the first year include methodological introductions (critical thinking, logic, and critical reading); a historical introductory course (introduction to Greek philosophy); a topical introductory course (ethics and political philosophy), and also the course “central problems in philosophy”, which consists in an initial introductory survey of several central philosophical issues.


The aim of the second year classes is to complete the introductory part of the student’s philosophical education, and to allow the student to start and develop an expertise in her/his more specific areas of interest. Classes include the other main historical introductory course (introduction to modern philosophy); students are required to take one systematic course (out of a selection that typically includes courses in epistemology, metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, aesthetics, the philosophy of science, and so on), and an additional historical course (a more advanced course in ancient philosophy, other courses in modern philosophy in the European tradition). And students can also take several electives and seminars.


During their third year, students take electives and seminars. This is when students deepen their mastery of the parts of the disciplines they are most interested in, as well as write a more substantial research paper in philosophy.

M.A. Program

The MA program in Philosophy is aimed at achieving greater depth and breadth, subsequent to the BA studies, both in terms of sub-fields and disciplines and in terms of historical schools of thought. Students enhance their analytical skills and acquire improved research tools that allow them to specialize in their topics of interest. Classes take place mostly as intimate discussions and seminars. Students occasionally gain the opportunity to meet and study with visiting overseas philosophers by participating in the department's curriculum.