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Head of department: Prof. Dani Attas

B.A advisor: Dr. Sharon Krishek

M.A advisor: Dr. Naly Thaler

Department Secretary: Mrs. Limor Eilon
Tel : +972-2-5883759

Prof. Stewart Shapiro

Stewart Shapiro is the O’Donnell Professor of Philosophy at The Ohio State University, a Distinguished
Visiting Professor at the University of Connecticut, and a Professorial Fellow at the University of Oslo.
His major works include Varieties of logic (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014), which articulates
and defends a pluralism about logic, Vagueness in context (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2006),
which contains a philosophical account of vague terms in which extensions shift from conversational
context to conversational context, and the development of a concomitant model theory; Philosophy of
mathematics: structure and ontology (Oxford University Press, 1997), a presentation of structuralism;
and Foundations without foundationalism (Oxford University Press, 1991), an articulation and defense of
second-order logic. He has taught courses in logic, philosophy of mathematics, metaphysics,
epistemology, philosophy of religion, Jewish philosophy, social and political philosophy, and medical
ethics. For more information, see